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Audio and video conversations turned into any text format!

Transcribe any audio and video files through BlueScribe!Send your audio or video files to a secure cloud and transcribe them to a selected output format.

What can you do with BlueScribe?

  • Transcribe training or conference materials
  • Prepare subtitles for promotional materials
  • Organize a multimedia knowledge base
  • Generate subtitles with translations
  • Document and archive call center phone conversations
  • Perform text search on video materials

Get inspired!

  • Call center You have hundreds of hours of recordings of your call center’s consultants. However, you analyse this data incidentally and use descriptions which were arduously prepared by the consultants. Now you can use the power of the stored data to the fullest. Not only can you search through the content of recordings quickly and easily or reduce their size without losing content, but also use the data for Big Data analysis. Your consultants will finally be able to focus on what is the most important for your business – direct customer service.
  • Conferences Imagine a recording of a several-hour-long conference or multiple hours of recordings of teleconferences in your company. Remember how hard it is to find the part you need? With BlueScribe, you can index and order these materials. Imagine a text-based search engine for video content. We will also gladly design a user-friendly knowledge base in the cloud for you.
  • Answering machine What if you could integrate your answering machine with BlueScribe? If the content of the calls made it to your e-mail inbox, maybe you wouldn’t have missed this multi-million contract only because a client from California recorded themselves on your hotline on a Friday evening.

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