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Moving from monolith to microservices and DevOps? This is the system you need to boost the process of transformation. StarBoost can be the solid base that helps you develop your business in the future.

Deliver new products, functions or features quicker and more frequently than your competitors – with StarBoost it’s as easy as adding the next building blocks to a construction. With the high-class support of our expert team at BlueSoft, you can focus on the business value of your products instead of the technical details.

It’s ready to be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid mode.
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Agama API

Agama API is an API Management Platform for comprehensive service management in your organization. The platform was designed with a complete production process in mind and the architecture allows for both vertical and horizontal scalability.

If cost optimization is important but you also aim to stay in full control and reap the benefits of infinite flexibility and high performance – this is your solution. Its module-based construction ensures optimal freedom to adapt it to your needs.

Combining both technological capacities and the knowledge of our consultants, we successfully help you ensure compliance with PSD2 and build new business value to monetize.
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SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure allows you to run your mission-critical SAP workloads on a scalable, compliant platform. From SAP NetWeaver to SAP BI, Linux to Windows, and SAP HANA to SQL – Microsoft Azure has it all.

Microsoft and SAP have been technology partners for more than 20 years but this specific cooperation is so advanced that both companies run all of their own internal operations on SAP on Azure – and that says a lot.

Rest assured you can reliably run your SAP applications across dev, test, and production scenarios on Azure – fully supported. And when deployed in a high-availability configuration, you can expect an industry-leading 99.99% uptime.
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User Management Module (UMM)

User Management Module or UMM allows you to manage access and passwords to all of your applications with just one single panel.

Shorten the sign-on time with SSO mechanisms and optimize the time needed for implementing new applications with ready-made components. UMM is BlueSoft’s answer to the growing need for innovative user identity management methods, secure sign-on, and permission consolidation in organizations.

It draws from best practices in the area of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), implementing standardized communication and data encoding methods while preserving the necessary flexibility.
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ESBeetle is the integration platform that’s ready to unite your business solutions – fast.

With this comprehensive solution for digital transformation, you embark on a value-driven approach to integration. It helps you connect initiatives, launch new ones or improve your existing application architecture – all without the struggle of high entry costs.

The Interface as a Service (IaaS) model will help you optimize integration costs in your company and significantly accelerate the delivery of any integration related requirement.
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BlueBanking is a mobile banking app for private clients.Giving you quick access to your finances from your mobile phone, it enables you to manage your funds from anywhere in the world – 24/7.

Security is ensured via a fingerprint or Touch ID® login and you confirm operations in the app with a secure PIN code. The app has built-in protection measures against malware as well.

BlueBanking is available on Android and iOS and provides smooth integration with e-banking systems through WebView. Try it yourself to experience how easy daily mobile banking can be.
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HAB Workforce Management

HAB Workforce Management is a flexible IT solution that automates the processing of scheduled events and of managing field teams.

HAB improves task planning processes, monitors work in progress, and enables quick responses in case of emergencies. Its modularity, flexible skeletal structure, and various options for customization make it suitable to meet the requirements of any business.

By enabling you to optimize the HAB processes over time, the solution helps you shorten event processing time, improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and work more cost-effectively. It can be deployed fully or partially – based on your specifications and architecture.
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BeeBot is your virtual communication assistant – an intelligent chatbot made for advanced integration with existing systems.

BeeBot is skilled at responding to frequently asked questions, showing company or product presentations, helping visitors navigate through any website, supporting you in your recruitment processes, conducting surveys, and much, much more.

You can activate it on any channel, such as Facebook Messenger, LiveChat on your website, but also on Skype, Whatsapp, Slack, Rocketchat – and even email. The chatbot speaks Polish and English, but we can teach him any other language as well – he uses his own embedded NLP module.
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Mr Wolf

Handling large volumes of requests? Mr Wolf is an e-service desk automation platform that helps you automate all sorts of incidents, tasks, and tickets.

It’s dedicated to the teams working with JIRA, BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, and HP Enterprise tools and suitable to support service desks, contact centers, IT departments, and HR teams.

Functionalities include performance monitoring, Machine Learning, rule-based classification, predictions, sentiment analysis, and much more. With Mr Wolf you can lower operating costs, increase customer satisfaction and reduce errors and operating time while benefiting from optimal scalability.
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Jiver is created to offer you a closer look at processes. The Jiver system provides a set of BPMS-class tools that support modelling, testing, and the implementation, execution and monitoring of business and technical processes.

Is process change testing a significant challenge that’s creating high costs for your company? And are changes associated with high business risk? Then Jiver is the optimal tool for you.

It helps you discover a new approach to process models that makes it easier to predict multiple paths and make frequent, dynamic changes.
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Rapid Integration Suite (RIS)

The Rapid Integration Suite or RIS is a complete line of products that support the process of developing integration solutions.

The suite is the result of four years of work by top specialists and includes features for automated code circulation, service monitoring, test support, code verification, and technical work automation.

Its vast range of advanced mechanisms combined with a friendly user interface, makes it the perfect solution for modern project environments. From analysis to deployment – RIS accompanies all teams by providing maximum automation of the integration solution’s provisioning process.
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Data Management Module (DMM)

Data Management Module or DMM allows you to manage your products and customers with ease and precision via mapping and hierarchy management. You can perform operations on other objects as well, such as territories, services, and users.

By standardizing data obtained in cooperation with intermediaries, distributors or end customers with DMM, you can create insightful reports and – ultimately – make better business decisions.

The system works with any format of input data (including CSV, iDoc, Excel, XML, and JSON) and can be supplied as an on-premise or a SaaS solution.
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Effortlessly search through the content of multimedia recordings, reduce file sizes, and use the data for Big Data analysis – with BlueScribe you can use the power of stored data to the fullest.

Transcribing training or conference material, generating subtitles, and performing text search on videos are just some examples of the things you can do with it.

BlueScribe allows you to index and order all your audio and video files. We can also design a user-friendly knowledge base in the cloud.
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Dealing with operational activity based on contracts with external employees? Gain control over the profitability of your projects on the basis of personnel costs – nBlues streamlines the entire process of settling reported working hours.

With nBlues you can easily calculate employees’ remuneration for completed projects, jobs or tasks. It also allows you to indicate unassigned working time at the employee level and assign it to a new project or task.

The software can be delivered as a SaaS or an on-premise solution and can be integrated with any accounting or payroll system.
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Effortlessly search for, compare, and classify documents of various types and from different sources – Simil is a system with knowledge base features that helps you make better use of information collected in notification registration systems, document repositories, databases, and more.

With data integration, Simil makes it easier to retrieve and reuse information.
Due to its open architecture, it enables integration of several ITS’s (Issue Tracking Systems), repositories with technical documentation, and basically any other system.

The system is particularly useful in help-desk systems where classification of notifications and duplicate detection are crucial. Simil is fast, efficient and thorough.
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