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Inter Cars is leveraging the Data-Driven approach thanks to the new data platform

Inter Cars is leveraging the Data-Driven approach thanks to the new data platform


Inter Cars’ constant grow requires to deliver secure, centralized, standardized, data sharing and integration platform to be used internally across the IC group and externally in B2B and B2C processes.

From a technical point of view, current Data Warehouse architecture will be reaching out it’s scaling limits regarding performance and scalability because of the majority of data and reporting tasks being processed in DWH on a daily basis.

The modern data platform should be able to address all those factors above by providing a self-service, cross-domain data stream for every future idea that will boost delivery time in the internal IT eco-system of data-oriented solutions.

Main benefits

Improve performance of DWH thanks to shifting data processing focus on a new platform

Reduce the cost of introducing new data execution ideas thanks to achieving Big Data scale

Standardization of data integration in terms of data format, protocols, and security

Simplifying the data architecture

Client's view

Mikołaj Siedlarek

Chief Enterprise Architect at Inter Cars

Entering a new IT area such as Big Data, is always a challenge for the company. That is why it’s crucial to do it with a proper IT Partner. BlueSoft supports us from day one – from building together a holistic solution vision up to supporting agile delivery and maintenance as the one team.


BlueSoft and Inter Cars built the solution vision and started a joint venture of delivering the Core Data Platform (CDP). It is a software solution enabling efficient storage, processing, and sharing for large amounts of data. The platform consists of a data lake, computation and analysis environment, and integration tools.

Thanks to its modern architecture based on a reference Lambda Architecture and open source technology based on Hadoop, it enables to cost-efficiently increase performance in line with the company’s growing data size – without licensing restrictions.

What is most important is that Lambda Architecture is technology agnosticThe data pipeline is broken down into layers with clear demarcation of responsibilities, and at each layer, we can choose from several technologies according to the current needs.

Technologies we used



Lambda Architecture is a flexible and generic architecture pattern for designing Big Data solutions. Thanks to decoupling solutions in layers, the modules are logically separated, with independent responsibilities ready to be used by cross-organizational teams. The agile framework adjusted to the project’s nature allows the team to perform on a constant level in a developers-friendly eco-system. The platform is being leveraged by business from day one with Predictive Analytics initiatives around Customers such as Retention or Segmentation.

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