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Users from more than 40 countries use the Zoetis application owing to a solution supplied by BlueSoft and leveraging Amazon Web Services.


Zoetis, a global company, faced a challenge of building an IAM class solution servicing dozens of markets subject to a variety of legal requirements. Initially, the scope was supposed to encompass a broad spectrum of functionalities ranging from registering new clients to verifying veterinary licences in an appropriate system in a given country. As a consequence of separating from Pfizer, the dispersed environment, including integration with various suppliers’ systems, greatly complicated the project, while the timeframe was reduced to a minimum.

What was a significant, if not the most significant, challenge was maintaining business as usual while migrating to the new solution. The entire software change process had to be conducted so that it was transparent to Zoetis clients using the application and to the Client’s staff in particular countries.

Key takeaways

Key 1

Key 1

Introducing a corporate standard for managing identity and access to commercial applications

Key 2

Key 2

Significant reduction of costs and time necessary to build new web and mobile solutions

Key 3

Key 3

Flexible access control configuration on the domestic and application level due to the use of a decision rule engine

Key 4

Key 4

Processing hundreds of thousands of log-ons

Key 5

Key 5

Average log-on time ~ 0.5 second


In order to fulfill the Client’s expectations, BlueSoft prepared a flexible framework allowing for broad and unrestricted adjustments to the requirements of particular markets. Moreover, using the decision rule engine significantly reduced the amount of code, which helped optimize maintenance and development costs. Due to the fact that the design schedule was very tight, BlueSoft paid particular attention to effectively utilizing all available resources. Adopting the Agile approach to completing subsequent functionalities resulted in the project being completed on time and to the Client’s specifications.

What was a very important aspect in the course of the project was very efficient cooperation between BlueSoft and Zoetis. Despite the distance between the teams and key project participants, we have proven that we can deliver big solutions with a team scattered all over the world. Due market diversity and a number of local application suppliers on each, BlueSoft prepared an approach standard for application implementation regardless of its launching location. What proved to be tremendous support was API standardization and meticulous documentation containing numerous examples and courses of action in various cases.

Technologies we used

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The User Management Module project was a success in that an entirely new technological solution was prepared and implemented worldwide with business as usual. Tailor-made online and offline data loading procedures ensured seamless migration of users and their data (including sensitive data, i.e. passwords or logins). Also, owing to BlueSoft’s 24/7/365 support, all possible incidents were resolved within merely an hour. To date, UMM is the central registration and access control mechanism used by tens of Zoetis applications.

Introducing this global solution not only optimized costs and improved processes on the part of the Client. A uniform interface and speed improved the perception of the Zoetis application by its users, who can log on as quickly as 0.5 second. In many respects, the UMM project posed a challenge both to BlueSoft and Zoetis. By cooperating on this solution, our company proved its superb skills and large-scale work organization, thus providing Zoetis with a reliable and trustworthy IT partner for the future.

  • 40 Countries
  • 20 People worked on the project
  • 60+ application instances using UMM
  • 10 months of work

Client's view

Nilo Paredes

Global Digital Marketing Lead, Business Technology at Zoetis

When Zoetis launched in 2013, we set out to transform our global digital operations.
BlueSoft was not only an integral part of that digital transformation but they also helped us improve our performance across both technology and delivery. BlueSoft has become a trusted partner in Zoetis’ ecosystem

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