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Gain full control over services and achieve compliance with Agama API

Gain full control over services and achieve compliance with Agama API

Agama API is a one-stop solution for comprehensive service management in your organization

Designed with the entire production process in mind: from development, through monitoring individual service usage, to the documentation publication

Keep up with the latest industry trends and get a scalable solution for your business

What is Agama API?

Agama API is an API management platform that enables organizations to manage the entire range of services used by development teams. It allows creating new business value while ensuring compliance with key regulations such as the PSD2 and enhancing communication with clients or between company HQ and branches.

The solution’s module-based construction enhances its flexibility and offers you the freedom of customization. You get a flexible and secure platform that matches your organization’s unique needs and helps you optimize the total cost of ownership.

Accelerate your digital transformation

APIs allow exposing your business functionality and unlock the value of your digital assets. They make your business more agile and ready to respond to the constantly changing reality. API management is one of the top priorities of organizations that build digital products and services or launch digital transformation initiatives.

API management solutions are a crucial component of business success today. Keep up with this key industry trend and equip your teams with a tool they need to improve product delivery. As part of Agama API, you get BlueSoft Certificate Validator (BCV) – a standalone and localized solution that communicates via the REST API component for validating and parsing X.509 certificates, particularly in terms of the PSD2 directive requirements

Example implementation of Agama API

Reap the benefits of a reliable API management solution

  • Cost optimization and API monetization opportunities
  • Full control and easy access to configuration and source code
  • Flexibility in using the platform for both external and internal projects
  • Architecture made for high performance, allowing both vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Flexible deployment in the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid infrastructures.

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