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Studies show that most employees prefer a hybrid work model, and a significant number would even consider changing their job if forced to return to fully on-site work. That information can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. They’re just one of many reasons why organizations are moving toward a hybrid work model with decisiveness.  The hybrid work approach allows you to optimize a range of work-related services, including the efficient usage of parking spaces, offices, workspaces, and conference rooms. But, do you have adequate tools and processes to support this work model?  With our Booking Application, you will improve the employee experience while reducing office infrastructure costs. Our application was created to handle all office booking processes with just one simple service available with MS Teams and MS Power Platform. It allows your employees to schedule their office time with ease and eliminates any issues arising from implementing a hybrid work model in your organization.

Booking Application

Our Approach

MS Teams PowerApps applications will help you automate and integrate many internal processes. It’s an essential step in your organization’s digital transformation, and it will allow you to prepare for the new work model. That’s where the Booking Application comes in and shows its advantages with such features as:

  • Effortless office space selection process;
  • Booking process convenient for users;
  • Simple configuration and administration;
  • Email notifications;
  • MS Security-by-design certification;
  • Reports and analytics for each user or team;
  • Scalable for large teams;
  • Both mobile and desktop versions;
  • Main functionalities available in MS Teams Chat Bots

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MS Teams and MS Power Platform allow you to automate work-related processes and improve teamwork and team organization. With PowerApps and Power Automate, you can easily adopt new low-code applications, automate processes and improve employee satisfaction.

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Karol Królewski

Karol Królewski

Senior IT Project Manager at BlueSoft

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