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Data governance services

Today, skillfully operating as a Data-Driven Enterprise  is the surest way to outfox the competition. This requires not only cutting-edge technical solutions  but also a solid management procedures.e. With our 360-degree offer around Data Processing and Governance, we can guide you through the entire journey.
Accurate demand predictions, smart insights for marketing optimization, and just-in-time product/offer customization are just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. We’re equipped and ready to help you acquire, store, process, visualize, analyze, and manage exponentially increasing data volumes.
From simple Data Management to complex Data Governance, from Ingestion to Execution, from Consultancy to Maintenance Services – e solve your challenges and assist you in obtaining the insights you need.
From Data Ingestion to Data Execution. From simple Data Management to complex Data Governance. From Consultancy to Maintenance services. We solve your challenges surrounding the whole data eco-system and assist you in obtaining the insights you need. We’re equipped and ready to help you acquire, store, process, visualize, analyze and manage exponentially increasing data volumes.

Data governance services

Data processing service

Trusting your own data will become easy with our unparalleled expert guidance. We enable you to take the next step in your digital transformation process by helping you turn data into information and information into insights. Our Data Processing & Governance services include:

  • Consulting – Our experienced consultants help you establish a solid foundation on which to build your data architecture from scratch or do light-weight health check audits in order to plan the transformation. Expect world-class advice to obtain high-level design and more.
  • Delivery – We help you set up the required environments, implement E2E solutions including all layers of data processing, introduce Data Governance, and provide you with a proper DevOps toolchain. With knowledge and experience in various markets and industries, we can assure you that we follow the latest best practices.
  • Operations – You must count on smooth operations without interruptions. We provide system takeovers, 24/7 support, and managed services to keep your solution cost-effective, stable, and reliable in every possible way.
  • Training – From inspirational boosters to advanced training, we help you train your employees and enhance data awareness in your organization through Data Governance foundations like Data Lineage, Data Ownership, or Data Catalogue.

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Our Process: Data governance process flow

At BlueSoft, we believe in evolving instead of revolving. We know that becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise is a journey. We recognize a few milestones in that journey.

Define vision


Define vision

Get governed


Get governed

Choose architecture & technology


Choose architecture & technology

Analyze, learn and explore


Analyze, learn and explore

Build data pipelines


Build data pipelines

In order to complete that journey we have established a solid framework for the Data Transformation program.

We start with in-depth Data Discovery Workshops to help you clarify your needs and vision (phase 1), then we recommend delivering a PoC/MVP project in 6-12 weeks (phase 2), followed by iterative development with an interdisciplinary Agile teams (phase 3).

Continuously adding business value based on data is the key objective of each action.


Technologies we use for Data processing management

Mastering 100+ technologies (such as Hadoop, Kafka, NiFi, Hive, Flink, Spark, HDFS, Oracle, MS SQL, AWS EMR, Azure HDInsight, Google Big Query, AWS Redshift, AWS Glue, Azure DataBrick and many others), we have the know-how to turn your data into information. With the right technology stack, we are able to build holistic data platforms within a proper architecture that meets your needs.

Meet Our Data Experts

This is our full-fledged team with hands-on experience in building data platforms and processing data.

Piotr Ziętek

Piotr Ziętek

Head of Data Services

Maciej Kossakowski

Maciej Kossakowski

Senior Solution Architect

Łukasz Karwot

Łukasz Karwot

Senior Big Data Architect

We Build Long-Term Partnerships With Our Clients

We’re proudly working for:

Inter Cars
Raiffeisen Bank International

Success Stories

Our Projects

We’ve successfully delivered a multitude of data platforms and data processing solutions to enterprises in various industries. From building data warehouses and data lakes to cloud-based or hybrid solutions, and from creating dashboards to setting up predictive analytics and machine learning. Check out any of the business cases presented here to find out more.

More projects
Revenue Assurance solution for Canal+

Revenue Assurance solution for Canal+

Canal+, a leader in the premium television segment, faced challenges with revenue protection and fraud detection due to the complexity of data and the inadequacy of existing systems. In partnership with BlueSoft, Canal+ embarked on an ambitious project to implement a comprehensive Revenue Assurance solution using Power BI, aiming to enhance revenue protection, improve data accuracy, and automate processes.
Data migration & data remediation for corporate acquisition in Life Science industry 
Life Science

Data migration & data remediation for corporate acquisition in Life Science industry 

BlueSoft engineers took up the challenge of global data migration for two international companies recognizable in the Life Science sector. The project was complex because these two companies processed and stored their data differently, using different tools and approaches to customers, sales models, services, and regionalization. Those challenges called for a modern and sophisticated set of reliable tools capable of providing secure and efficient data processing, delivering wide range of external system connectors, allowing secure and reliable data manipulation and cleansing with high level of scalability. This is why Talend suite supported by AWS RDS services has been chosen as the core ETL tool set for this challenge.
Implementing and launching an integration solution for GATX
Logistics & Transportation

Implementing and launching an integration solution for GATX

GATX Rail Europe is a leading, full-service railcar lessor offering a high-quality and diversified fleet to over 20 European countries. With an experienced, service-oriented team, the company is focused on making railcar leasing and rail transport simple, efficient, and seamless. We were approached to design, implement and launch an integration solution to deliver telematic data to consumers. 
Orange Business
Automated Device inventory for Managed LAN&WLAN Services

Automated Device inventory for Managed LAN&WLAN Services

BlueSoft helped to build the AI-ready solution running in the AWS cloud with automation of the process of feeding the inventory of network equipment from source systems


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Hubert Gołębiewski

Digitalization & Innovation IT Manager at GATX

I highly recommend BlueSoft for their exceptional expertise in implementing IoT solutions. Their ability to seamlessly connect data from 27k devices was impressive, and the project was executed with meticulous preparation and organization. From identifying and mitigating risks upfront to delivering everything on time and with excellent quality, their team consistently showcased their extensive knowledge and well-thought-out architecture. It was truly a pleasure working with them, and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration.

Tetyana Butenko

Technical Product Owner

BlueSoft is a reliable and responsible partner. During our cooperation, a team of great professionals has shown the ability to deliver complex solutions on time. Any new challenge always was accepted and tackled in the most efficient way, no matter if we are talking about simple API definitions or setting up a completely new API Gateway.

Mariusz Szydło

IT Director at KI One S.A.

Thanks to BlueSoft work, we have substantially improved the IT solutions implemented in our company. What used to be a challenge before, now became a seamless task, the results of which are clearly visible. The use of cloud components made the entire project swift and reliable. I have truly enjoyed working with BlueSoft’s specialists.

Adam Schulz

Business Development Department at Volkswagen Financial Services

The RPA Initiative in the Bank exceeded our expectations. We managed to optimize business processes, which used to be a bottleneck of our organization. BlueSoft’s knowledge, involvement, and partnership approach allowed us to create our own Automation Competence Excellence Center and implement new robots faster than we had initially planned.

Marcin Anisko

IT Managerat at Volkswagen Financial Services

Because of the Salesforce introduction, VWFS needed an integration layer with reliable, highly-available RESTful services and APIs hosted on the scalable cloud environment. Choice of MuleSoft Solution was a natural part of the Salesforce technology stack we are introducing in the Bank. We were looking for a partner to help us set up Integration Governance and ESB & API Gateway Platform and deliver first services. We chose BlueSoft as a partner with wide experience in MuleSoft and SOA best practices.

Adam Suchocki

Enterprise Architect, Cloud Solutions Architect at British Council

Team of professionals. They have designed a complex cloud adoption strategy for our entire organization. Two hundred data centers, 80 business applications, and over a thousand servers, they have addressed all our needs. As a result, we were able to build consistent migration strategies for our current and future projects. Working with BlueSoft was a pleasure for us.

Mikołaj Siedlarek

Chief Enterprise Architect at Inter Cars

Entering a new IT area such as Big Data, is always a challenge for the company. That is why it’s crucial to do it with a proper IT Partner. BlueSoft supports us from day one – from building together a holistic solution vision up to supporting agile delivery and maintenance as the one team.

Enkelejd Zotaj

Executive Director of IT, Raiffeisen Bank Croatia

The StarBoost platform delivered by BlueSoft became an enabler for making digital transformation happen. It allowed the Bank to apply modern architectural patterns and obtain the optimization of operating costs by employing open-source technologies. A project of delivering a platform lasted 3 months and, immediately after its completion, the process of developing and delivering business services written in a microservices architecture began. Given the quality of the solutions provided, experience, knowledge, and the means of sharing it with our employees, we recognize BlueSoft as a key partner in the process of a digital transformation.

David Vazquez

Senior Director, Business Technology at Zoetis

BlueSoft’s quality of services, flexibility and experience in providing valuable solutions to big international clients has contributed to it’s growing success. (…)
Given the success I have achieved with BlueSoft over the years, I would strongly encourage Senior IT leaders to evaluate them as a strategic partner.

Maciej Barczuk

Processes Optimization Expert at Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA

Building multi-channel solutions has become the key challenge for the banking sector, which is undergoing a digital transformation. BlueSoft, our trusted IT partner, has supported Raiffeisen Polbank in developing an innovative mobile payment system throughout the entire development cycle. Moreover, the best agile practices, used by BlueSoft, have aided us in the process of transforming and perfecting our work environment.

Rafał Nawłoka

President of the Board at DPD Polska

Introducing payment terminals, along with the Pickup drop-off-pick-up network, is the most important pro-client project implemented by DPD Polska this year.

Tomasz Stańczyk

Head of IT Service Design Team at Budimex

BlueSoft’s consultants’ support in ensuring stability and scalability of the integration platform was essential in the context of developing trust in the integration bus as a central component of the IT architecture

Hallvar Dehli

CEO & Founder at Polarbulk

BlueSoft supported us in creating a solution, which increases efficiency and can be offered to customers in a SaaS model. This was our first IT initiative with a larger scope and lead to a strategic partnership and cooperation with BlueSoft.

Grzegorz Patynek

Co-Founder, Managing Director at CO3

IT is a driver for our business value, therefore we need an IT solution and a Partner that helps us deliver this value to our Customers. BlueSoft delivers both.

Piotr Tabor

Quality Assurance Manager at

High IT availability and scalability are essential for our business. The platform provided by BlueSoft enables us to meet the highest expectations of the market, and their quality of services proves that BlueSoft is a reliable IT partner.

Tomasz Wróbel

Director of Central Applictions Department at ING Bank Śląski

BlueSoft, as one of ING Bank Śląski’s strategic suppliers, built for us an innovative system supporting multi-channel operational and marketing communications with our clients. Assuming full responsibility for the project, BlueSoft displayed reliability and superb quality of the deliverables at any stage of the project.

Karol Wasiowski

Main Business Application Development Specialist at Sprawiedliwi Portal

Flexibility and quality oriented team of BlueSoft’s specialists allowed us to launch innovative portal Polish Righteous. Competency and good relationship with BlueSoft will surely lead us to successful implementation of next project phase.

Nilo Paredes

Global Digital Marketing Lead, Business Technology at Zoetis

When Zoetis launched in 2013, we set out to transform our global digital operations.
BlueSoft was not only an integral part of that digital transformation but they also helped us improve our performance across both technology and delivery. BlueSoft has become a trusted partner in Zoetis’ ecosystem

Maciej Barczuk

Processes Optimization Expert, Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA

Building multi-channel solutions has become the key challenge for the banking sector, which is undergoing a digital transformation. BlueSoft, our trusted IT partner, has supported Raiffeisen Polbank in developing an innovative mobile payment system throughout the entire development cycle. Moreover, the best agile practices, used by BlueSoft, have aided us in the process of transforming and perfecting our work environment.

Ariel Zgórski

Programme Manager in TouchPoint Architecture Customer Context & Notification at ING Bank Śląski

BlueSoft’s support has helped the bank in building an efficient and stable solution, leading to better customer service at the bank.

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