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DevOps Transformation

Bring your IT capabilities to the next level. With our DevOps Transformation service, we help you put all the boxes together. We eliminate technical debt, accelerate innovation, and deliver quality at scale.
The DevOps model enables continuous improvement and adaptation by changing the way you operate. Working with BlueSoft, you can consider innovative technologies and tools as a given and count on the expert guidance of our Digital Strategy Advisors and DevOps engineers.
We’re highly skilled at guiding teams and organizations through transformations and making people work together more efficiently – day by day, week after week.

DevOps Transformation

Our Approach: DevOps digital transformation

Transforming your company is a continuous process. We help you start off on the right foot and provide you with the necessary know-how and tools. With a tailored DevOps journey, BlueSoft enables a smooth transition in which you are guided along the way.

  • Digital Transformation Advisory Our Digital Strategy Advisors will work together with your team to come up with the best approach for your organization. We help you determine your vision, figure out your next steps, and improve all the way.
  • DevOps Pipeline Design Never automate a process that is suboptimal: measure, determine the bottlenecks, and optimize. With BlueSoft’s DevOps Pipeline Design you can easily implement continuous improvement.
  • Platform-Driven Transformation Let the technology drive you through the transformation process. Build your new approach for software delivery around the new Microservice platform – Starboost, learn by doing and fly higher than ever before.
  • DevOps Toolchain Deployments Some tools are probably in place already – but do you have everything you need for effective process automation? And is your configuration properly adjusted to your needs? Our team investigates and optimizes your DevOps toolchain.
  • Team Augmentation & Joint Delivery Allow your people to skill up by leveraging our experience and mentoring. We build a hyper efficient delivery team with our consultants and your own staff. Learn by example.

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Technologies We Use

Rest assured we can help you select and implement the proper tools and technology. Our team of 800+ highly qualified engineers master more than 200 technologies.

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Success Stories

Our Projects

Over the past two decades we have helped a wide range of enterprises improve their DevOps, step by step. By engaging the proper stakeholders – involving Dev, Ops, Security, QA, and Business – we supported the following companies and more in their transformation process:

Raiffeisen Bank International
API Management & Governance for Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Banking and Financial Services

API Management & Governance for Raiffeisen Bank International AG

RBI’s vision is to boost internal openness via APIs to enable superior customer experience, re-usability and innovation. Bluesoft together with RBI set the API governance practices, technical standards, and built API Management platform based on KONG API Gateway. BlueSoft designed APIs for key banking industry domains implemented by the Raiffeisen Bank International Group subsidiaries.
Agama API Santander Case Study
Banking and Financial Services

Agama API Santander Case Study

To implement the requirements of the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) and improve access to new commercial solutions, Santander Bank Polska implemented a solution based on the Agama API framework, appropriately customized to meet the current needs of the Bank.
Raiffeisen Bank
Lending solution for consumers for Raiffeisen Bank Croatia
Banking and Financial Services

Lending solution for consumers for Raiffeisen Bank Croatia

Nowadays many banks worldwide introduce new solutions for the sake of customer experience. Digital transformation of the banking sector is prevalent and resulted from the extremely demanding pace of keeping up with the most sophisticated applications tailored to specific business needs. Lending solutions do take a great part in this race and up-to-date applications enable customers to go through a lending process and get the desired amount of money just in a few minutes. To drive my point home let’s see how it has been done in Croatia in more detail.
Raiffeisen Bank
Raiffeisen Bank Hrvatska is transforming its data architecture towards a Data-Driven approach
Banking and Financial Services

Raiffeisen Bank Hrvatska is transforming its data architecture towards a Data-Driven approach

Reduced impact of changes applied in source systems on data consumers
The auto-generated ETL code limits human error factor in the data flows
Aggregating several data sources creates a single source of truth for the data consumers
Internal Agile teams build their solutions on top of the prepared data architecture

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