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Angular JS is a JavaScript framework which supplements creating and developing Single Page Applications (SPA). The main purpose of this library is to implement the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern in online applications.

What is it?

How does it work?

Angular JS parses the HTML code containing additional tags that are specific to this library. Following the instructions issued by these tags, the library assigns entry and exit site elements to a model which is saved as a JavaScript variable set.

The most important angular framework functionalities are:

  • Two-way binding automatic view data update on the basis of data model changes. This solution allows, among others, reducing the amount of code, thus simplifying it.
  • Directives allowing defining functional HTML tags. It is one of the most important functionalities of the angular framework. It makes it possible to implement functionalities via very clear code.
  • Filters comprise an auxiliary aspect in presenting data in views.
  • Services assuming the role of singletons in WEB applications, they form a facade of auxiliary functions, always available in the system.
  • Dependency Injection keeps the code in order and influences application efficiency. The premise of DI is to inject modules only where they are required (directives, filters, services, controllers).

BlueSoft has already built several dozen systems based on the angular framework, making it one of the basic company technologies. With our solution, based on gulp and grunt solutions, we have created a basis on which we are able to very quickly manufacture a working WEB application.

BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

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