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BIRT is the most popular open source reporting tool in the world, if not the most commonly used BI solution in general (app. 12.5 million downloads and 2.5 million developers in 157 countries).

The user interface is based on popular Eclipse IDE. Because of its open architecture, BRIT makes it possible to integrate with a wide selection of formats, which in many cases are not supported even by commercial solutions: JDO (POJO), JDBC (including Hive and HBase), NoSQL (including Cassandra and MongoDB), WS, CSV and XML files.

BlueSoft has ample experience in BRIT platform implementations, both as an autonomous BI tool and as a reporting component for dedicated back-office solutions. We also use BRIT internally, e.g. as an Sparx Enterprise Architect architectural repository status reporting tool.

BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

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