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Camunda BPM Suite is a lightweight, free, Java-based platform which combines BPM and Workflow aspects.

Its main advantages are:

  • native and fast process engine compatible with BPMN 2.0 standard, which is based on the Activiti engine
  • easy integration with such Java applications as: a library (Maven dependency or a library loaded to application server), a separate application (communication with other applications via API REST) or a cluster (several separate applications which share one database)
  • Java API (direct method request in code) and REST JSON API (remote communication with a rules engine) for process management (definitions, loading, etc.) and interaction with running instances (launching, manual tasks, previewing, repairing or cancelling running processes, etc.).
  • Camunda Cockpit – a web application for process administration, realtime monitoring of running or completed processes. The Cockpit presents information which may also be obtained using Java/REST API in a user-friendly and clear way.
  • Camunda Tasklist – a web application which enables user and their manual task management (task lists, filtering and searching, checking off completed tasks, form processing, handing over tasks between users, etc.). Due to REST API, instead of Camunda Tasklist, it is possible to create a dedicated application with custom form processing.
  • Modeler (an Eclipse plug-in) for process implementation with a user-friendly and time-tested IDE
  • Cycle – a tool for synchronizing BPMN whiteboards between Camunda and analytical tolls for business process designing (e.g. Enterprise Architect)
  • integration with Spring and Java EE

Camunda BPM is a mature and time-tested platform for processes handling. On the one hand, the framework automatizes many activities during designing and implementing business processes, while on the other hand, owing to its software openness, it allows to delve into the code and fine-tune specific and extraordinary cases.


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