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Drools is the world’s most popular open source BRMS (Business Rule Management System). Apart from jBPM, this solution is the key element of the KIE package (Knowledge is Everything), developed under the auspices of the JBoss community. The system makes it possible to return business logic to business, providing a wide selection of channels that can define it – including .XLS sheets, graphic WWW interface or text-based domain language tailored to an enterprise ecosystem.


  • Drools is heavily used in corporate environments and its applications comprise such areas as billing/pricing, fraud detection or high-frequency trading. The reason for this is a comprehensive set of functionalities in terms of rules management and a high efficiency of the Drools executing engine based on the continuously developed PHREAK algorithm. A prominent place among the package uses is held by the business process decision control functionality – Drools lends itself perfectly to integration with jBPM, but also with solutions outside KIE, like Activiti and Camunda.
  • Prior to implementing Drools at an organization it is essential to make an analytical effort consisting in defining a rules data model, a particular place of the engine in the processes and optimal knowledge base editing channels. In order to improve Drools implementation, it is recommended to engage an outside partner in the analysis, design and configuration process. Such a partner ought to have extensive knowledge of the tool and ample experience in implementing BRMS for a variety of industries. BlueSoft meets all of those requirements.


Technology website: Drools

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