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Liferay Portal is a complex portal solution distributed under Lesser GPL.

Liferay is:

  • A mature and efficient Enterprise-class solution, verified in more than 250,000 implementations worldwide
  • A ready-for-use content management systems (CMS), also integrated with Microsoft Office
  • A fundamental tool for communication inside the company with its social features
  • An open application platform – Liferay implements, among others, the JSR168/286 standards (Java Portlets)

Liferay and solutions from IBM, Adobe and Sitecore were given the “Leader” status in Gartner’s report from 2018 “Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms”. Read more.

Business benefits

Implementation of Liferay brings numerous benefits for the company:

  • Various functions delivered with the portal that expedite the creation and development of IT solutions
  • A set of applications can be delivered to the users in an organized fashion
  • Consistent appearance of the applications, look and feel management put in one place
  • Capability of using different style sheets in different parts of the portal
  • Assigning applications to individual user profiles
  • Social features (forums, wiki, Facebook integration, etc.)
  • Easy management of content and pages visible to users
  • Efficient application sharing
  • Profiling of logged-on users

Even the commercial EE version is more cost-effective than solutions offered by the Liferay’s competititors.


Liferay is a solution with standard architecture for applications created in Java. It is possible to deploy it on different application servers, database engines and operating systems.
At the same time, Liferay’s architecture offers many additional advantages, including:

  • Open software model, easy introduction of modifications (e.g. custom authorization and authentication mechanisms)
  • Established application standards enforce transparent architecture of deployed applications
  • Portal model that requires the implementation to be conducted in accordance with established patterns and standards
  • Reuse of existing functions between the SOA applications on the user interface level
  • Standardization of basic application mechanisms: privileges, authentication, navigation menu, etc


Liferay Portal is a modern solution characterized by:

  • Low costs – the whole deployment can cost just as little as configuration and hardware
  • Scalability – Liferay s.upports various J2EE application servers and servlet containers and can be clustered
  • Capability of merging applications developed in different technologies by various vendors
  • Numerous plugins that expand the portal’s functionality

Our experience

BlueSoft has been creating solutions based on Liferay since 2006. The company’s work includes advanced system customized in accordance to the client’s needs, Open Source products (Aperte Workflow, Aperte Reports), internal implementations and consulting services.

Each solution we create based on Liferay Portal’s mechanisms becomes:

  • More flexible – the recipient/user decides which configuration and mechanisms are to become part of the given solution
  • Adaptable – a solution created for one portal can be used in completely different conditions
  • Less complicated – Liferay delivers numerous functions and the solution does not have to implement them. It is therefore possible to concentrate on key features
  • Cheaper in development and maintenance – thanks to Liferay’s standard mechanisms and simple structure


BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

Technology website: Liferay

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