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Mule ESB

Leverage Mule ESB as the basis for digital transformation and architect customer journeys from reusable services. BlueSoft will help you in transformation process.

Our services

Mule ESB deployment

  • Execution of both global and local Mule ESB setups (CE / EE)
  • Integration with leading SaaS providers (Salesforce, Workday, Anaplan) and enterprise platforms (SAP, Oracle, Temenos)
  • Employment of best practices around HA, fault tolerance and security
  • Definition of implementation standards and integration patterns
  • CI / CD pipeline provisioning and Mule containerization
  • Mule 3 to Mule 4 migrations

Cloud migration

  • Delivery of “best-of-both-worlds” integration setup: Mule ESB on AWS
  • Full support from our certified AWS solutions architecture team
  • “Push button” ESB environment provisioning through our very own CloudFormation template based on Mule ESB CE
  • Mule platform auto-scaling to meet your business needs (no more guessing about capacity)
  • Support in selecting most cost-effective deployment model: on-demand, reserved, spot

Microservice adoption

  • Comprehensive roadmaps for architecture transformation towards microservices
  • Introduction of PACE-layered designs in the form of experience, process and system APIs
  • Splitting monoliths through “strangling” legacy apps with Mule ESB
  • Implementation of microservices directly within the Anypoint Platform


  • Configuration of integration architecture repository (Sparx)
  • Canonical data model (CMD) design based on proven industry standards
  • Business analysis of data flows (ground-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground)
  • Preparation of mappings across disparate company data models
  • Consultancy around EAI governance processes

Our team

Our tight-knit 30 person team is made up of experienced Mule ESB enthusiasts with a T-shaped skill set. We’re looking forward to helping you prepare for the integration challenges of tomorrow.

  • 3 Senior Architects
  • 5 Senior Developers
  • Over 20 developers

We Build Long-Term Partnerships With Our Clients

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Raiffeisen Bank


Our work

Discover how we helped companies around the globe expand their capabilities, impress their clients, and grow their business.

More projects
Revenue Assurance solution for Canal+

Revenue Assurance solution for Canal+

Canal+, a leader in the premium television segment, faced challenges with revenue protection and fraud detection due to the complexity of data and the inadequacy of existing systems. In partnership with BlueSoft, Canal+ embarked on an ambitious project to implement a comprehensive Revenue Assurance solution using Power BI, aiming to enhance revenue protection, improve data accuracy, and automate processes.
Data migration & data remediation for corporate acquisition in Life Science industry 
Life Science

Data migration & data remediation for corporate acquisition in Life Science industry 

BlueSoft engineers took up the challenge of global data migration for two international companies recognizable in the Life Science sector. The project was complex because these two companies processed and stored their data differently, using different tools and approaches to customers, sales models, services, and regionalization. Those challenges called for a modern and sophisticated set of reliable tools capable of providing secure and efficient data processing, delivering wide range of external system connectors, allowing secure and reliable data manipulation and cleansing with high level of scalability. This is why Talend suite supported by AWS RDS services has been chosen as the core ETL tool set for this challenge.
Implementing and launching an integration solution for GATX
Logistics & Transportation

Implementing and launching an integration solution for GATX

GATX Rail Europe is a leading, full-service railcar lessor offering a high-quality and diversified fleet to over 20 European countries. With an experienced, service-oriented team, the company is focused on making railcar leasing and rail transport simple, efficient, and seamless. We were approached to design, implement and launch an integration solution to deliver telematic data to consumers. 
Orange Business
Automated Device inventory for Managed LAN&WLAN Services

Automated Device inventory for Managed LAN&WLAN Services

BlueSoft helped to build the AI-ready solution running in the AWS cloud with automation of the process of feeding the inventory of network equipment from source systems

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