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Pentaho is a comprehensive set of tools which allows to run projects related to system integration (data integration) and those supporting building Business Intelligence solutions (reporting, data analysis, manager dashboards).

Pentaho comprises the following components:

  • Reporting (Pentaho Reporting) satisfies a wide range of reporting needs of business users. Enables generating reports according to an adopted task schedule as well as upon request. Reports can be published in popular formats, such as a text file (TXT), PDF, MS Excel (XLS), HTML. Pentaho Reporting is based on the JFreeReport project.
  • Data Analysis (Analysis) the platform offers advanced data analysis methods, including pivotal table views (JPivot), advance data display (using SVG or Flash), integrated manager dashboards, data mining, integration with Web portals and workflow. Moreover, Spreadsheet Services allow users to view, mine, pivot and create data charts in Microsoft Excel. The Analysis Service module is based on an open source OLAP Mondrian server.
  • Data Mining contains a collection of algorithms for Weka data mining These algorithms, combined with the OLAP technology, provide users with intelligent information. Data mining tools are used for historical data analysis in order to create and support prognostic models.
  • Dashboards all reporting and analysis module components may be displayed on Pentaho dashboards. Widgets, i.e. controls used for displaying information on a website in the form of a variety of graphic buttons, dials and displays, are easy to use. They can be embedded in WWW applications or integrated with sites in a format compatible with the JSP or JSR-168 standards.
  • Metadata a tool for data warehouse metadata management in the BI environment. It bridges the gap between data from relational databases and business information.
  • Data Integration (Kettle) an ETL tool provided with the Business Intelligence platform. It may be used with other tools.
  • Other tools Tools supporting managing and designing BI applications in the Pentaho environment: Data Integration, Design Studio, Pentaho SDK, Report Designer, Schema Workbench (continuation of Pentaho Cube Designer)

Why BlueSoft is great partner for Pentaho based implementations?

BlueSoft has gained Pentaho-based data integration experience over the course of many years’ cooperation with clients representing a variety of industries (e.g. pharmaceutical and banking). BI mechanisms have also been used by BlueSoft in internal projects supporting company management.

BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

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