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SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris

The SAP Hybris platform delivers a multi-channel e-commerce solution which includes a vast selection of typical e-commerce functionalities, which makes it possible to launch a client’s online store prototype “out of the box”. The next step is to fine tune it as specified by the client and as required by its business. It minimizes the new e-commerce website’s incarnation’s time to market.

Advantages of the SAP Hybris platform:

  • A multi-channel platform – one tool, regardless of sales channel
  • The platform coherently combines the store with order management
  • Complete product catalogue manageability via dedicated Hybris Product Cockpit
  • Back-office staff support through Hybris Management Console
  • Platform content management through “out-of-the-box” Web Content Management module
  • Customizable checkout – easy checkout step adaptation depending on product or business specificity
  • Platform extensibility – this ready-for-use solution is the basis upon which we build the client’s own solution by easily developing and modifying functionalities
  • Possibility to create own extensions and applications integrated with the platform
  • Easy integration with existing systems – service-oriented architecture
  • High performance – even with huge product catalogues and large sales files, the platform performs well
  • Standards-based architecture – using well-established solutions and technologies, e.g. Spring Framework, SOLR, Groovy and Apache Commons

What if the client has high demands?

One of the benefits of using SAP Hybris platform is its modular structure which has been designed based on „extensions”, which supports the solution’s adaptability in a variety of areas. It makes it possible to create own extensions. Moreover, it also offers a possibility to expand the “out-of-the-box” solution in each system layer.

Basic structure of extension modules:

  • extension cockpits allows extending the Product Cockpit delivered with Hybris for product catalogue management. It is possible to fine tune existing cockpit features, change the appearance or add new, additional functionalities.
  • extension core the main system module which handles and extends the business service layer. This extension also makes it possible to change the data model by configuring definitions of new and modifying those of existing entities in XML files (items.xml). This module delivers an extensible Hybris Management Console tool for administrators and back-office staff.
  • extension facades the module represents a layer of facades for business services for the front layer of the store. The data model is transformed and optimized for the front layer. This extension may contain additional facades for new front components.
  • extension fulfilment process the order placing process may be extended and fine tuned to one’s own liking by adding/extending the Hybris solution. This module can be integrated with existing systems which must know about the order placed with the store as is the case, for instance, in the telco industry.
  • extension storefront this module contains the codes for the front-end layer of the store. It can be modified in virtually any way or it can be entirely replaced, should the client so choose.
  • extension initialdata this extension makes it possible to define own data sets required for launching and configuring the store. The data sets may be defined as IMPEX text files.

BlueSoft experience with SAP Hybris

BlueSoft has ample experience in implementing the SAP Hybris e-commerce platform solutions and, as a market leader, it is currently participating in one of the biggest Hybris implementations in Poland – at one of the largest telecoms operators. BlueSoft, running the project using the Scrum methodology, is responsible for handling the sales process, from the product catalogue through order completion, checkout to placing the order with Legacy systems.

BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

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