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SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure with BlueSoft
Core systems with the right care

Core systems with the right care

SAP systems are important components in your company. The volume of relevant data for enterprises is growing exponentially and is projected to reach 158 zettabyte (ZB) by 2025.


Rising system costs, declining system performance, and lack of agility to stay competitive in a cloud-based world are one of the common challenges that our customers running SAP applications have to face.

Chose right infrastructure for the job

With Microsoft Azure, you are able to reliably run your mission-critical SAP workloads and scenarios on a scalable, compliant, and enterprise-proven platform.

Microsoft and SAP are partnering on technology for more than 20+ years. Cooperation is so advanced that both companies decided to use SAP on Azure to run every of their own internal operations. That means something.

Now you can benefit from this expanded partnership, run your SAP applications across dev/test and production scenarios in Azure – and be fully supported. SAP has certified a full list of products on the Azure cloud with more certifications coming all the time. From SAP NetWeaver to SAP S4/HANA, SAP BI, Linux to Windows, SAP HANA to SQL – Microsoft have it all.

Azure public offerings for SAP solutions include both on-demand Virtual Machines with pay per use pricing and purpose build HANA large instances to meet your specific SAP workload needs with virtually unlimited growth.

With Azure, you get industry leading 99,99% uptime when deployed in an Azure high availability configuration

SAP and Microsoft are working together to create an end-user experience built on unprecedented insight, convenience, and agility. The certification of Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure services for SAP HANA along with the new integration between Microsoft Office 365 and cloud solutions from SAP are emblematic of this major paradigm shift for the enterprise.

Bill McDermott


Microsoft and SAP share a commitment to helping companies around the world achieve digital transformation. By aligning and integrating our solutions, we are empowering businesses to reason over vast quantities of data and create systems of intelligence they can use to dramatically improve their customer engagement, employee productivity, business operations, and product development.

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO

Operating system of choice

Microsoft has enterprise level partnerships with open source Linux providers Suse and RedHat to support your SAP HANA needs. You may also choose Windows platform to run your non-HANA configurations.

SAP on Azure – Scenarios and Benefits

With SAP on Azure, you benefit  from a range of cloud management services including:

  • World-class security management and thread protection
  • Robust system backup and disaster recovery
  • Full monitoring of network and infrastructure
  • Powerful tools for configuration management, scripting, and automation
  • Governance of a policy management and system cost control
  • Authentication and end-user access with Azure Active Directory single sign-on capabilities

What BlueSoft can do for you

BlueSoft can help you design and run migrations of various scenarios. From basic lift and shift scenarios where we move your SAP components to the Azure cloud as they are with no modifications. Through architecture redesign to consolidation and re-implementation of your business applications to cloud-based and HANA based solutions.

We have successfully done migration projects for biggest international customers. We have validated Microsoft’s reference architecture for SAP on Azure based on SUSE Linux. Now we are working in close partnership with RedHat and Microsoft on creating completely new reference based on RHEL operating systems.

Come and ask what you can achieve by moving your SAP to Azure cloud.

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