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Migrate, integrate, collect and govern – Talend does it all

With Talend we can combine data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform that delivers the full value of your data for your activity.

Talend helps you deliver healthy data across your organization so you can change the way your business makes decisions. 

Making data flow for everyone with BlueSoft & Talend

With each year, data keeps on growing with no end in sight. As organizations struggle to utilize data effectively, data integration products are the lifeblood of business. At BlueSoft, we know what you need to make your systems and applications work together for your success – with Talend. 


Create improved integration paths between all your systems

Save resources by accelerating operational data

Modernize cloud and data so your business can grow

Reduce risk and establish data excellence

All the areas we support:

At BlueSoft we work holistically with any data needs, be it migration, integration or delivering whole integration platforms to meet your needs.

  • Talend Data Integration all purpose integration
    Talend Data Integration software allows your platform to connect to all data systems through both dedicated and custom connectors. Out-of-the-box components simplify data transformationg and allow fine-tuned control over speed and quality. 
  • Talend ESB – realtime API and data integration
    Design real-time data integration flows with Talend ESB software through lightweight and scalable routes, based on Apache Camel framework. Processes are further enriched though cloud-based API Gateways and standard traffic balancing. 
  • Talend Cloudthe brain of the operation
    Talend Cloud is a iPaaS solution, which will work as a centerpiece of your integration platform. With cloud and remote engine support, version control and other services, Talend Cloud enables you to run, control and manage your integrations with ease
  • Hybrid architecture
    Our approach to designing an effective architecture is focused on versatility. We incorporate global standard cloud solutions, while deploying processes in both cloud, local and hybrid environments. Our strategy revolves around the use of Talend Cloud Engines, Talend Remote Engines and Talend Runtimes, with containerization being the next step. 

BlueSoft’s experience in Talend

BlueSoft’s commercial journey with Talend began in 2018 and since then we’ve launched multiple successful projects using the platform. Focusing on both audit, data migration and integration, our Data Management department is growing in skill and experience with Talend products every day.

Our expertise stems from a hollistic approach to understanding the requirements. Having created complete data management platforms with Talend and sister technologies as a core, we’ve connected multiple clients’ systems through both batch and real-time integration.

We at Bluesoft thrive in combining software, with cloud technologies and iPaaS products going hand in hand to achieve commercial success.

Examples of Talend ceritficates

Marcin Brinkiewicz


Bartłomiej Ulita


Grzegorz Grzonek


Walter Malka


Meet our team

Piotr Ufnal

Piotr Ufnal

Data Management Team Leader

Łukasz Bober

Łukasz Bober

Business Unit Director


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