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Software AG webMethods ESB as a System Integration platform


webMethods is one of the most popular platforms for integrating IT systems. It enables the creation of complete EAI environments and with the adopted philosophy it naturally supports the creation of integration solutions based on SOA architecture. WebMethods provides tools that support the stages of design, creation and maintenance of integration solutions.

The main advantage of webMethods is the completeness of the solution.

WebMethods is not only an integration bus, but also a full support for modern IT:

  • Business Process Management WebMethods provides a complete environment to create, run, monitor and optimize business processes.
  • Business Activity Monitoring In order to take full advantage of IT in business it is necessary to have a detailed insight into the systems’ work. WebMethods BAM gives the user a full insight into the processing services thus providing a quick response to all kinds of errors before they affect the end-customer. A full view of the services enables the analysis of processes in order to improve them.
  • B2B / Trading Networks WebMethods platform solves all the problems associated with the system’s communication with business partners by providing a single gateway for all external transactions.
  • SOA governance WebMethods package provides a complete set of solutions for the implementation of SOA, which will result in an actual improvement of the enterprise’s market competitiveness.
  • Mobile WebMethods Mobile Designer is a platform that solves the problem of creating mobile applications for multiple operating systems (IOS, Android, Blackberry). An application created with Designer Mobile will work on most leading mobile systems.

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