Elevate the full potential of your promotions with our comprehensive promotion engine

Define and test your new promotion idea with our intuitive platform designed by practitioners for practitioners and watch your results soar.

Why BluePromo Engine?

Centralized promotion management for seamless omnichannel execution.
Unified calculation engine powers data-driven promotional strategies.
Effortless promotion rollout with dynamic updates across channels.
Dev-friendly platform with modern tech for rapid promotion innovation.

Benefits for Your Company

BluePromo not only opens new door to new possibilities for customers but also translates into tangible business value for your organization. How can your company take advantage of this potential?

Revenue growth

Unleash a surge of revenue growth by implementing a far-reaching, consistent promotional initiative that amplifies average order value, purchase frequency, profit margin, and customer base.

Operational efficiency

Elevate operational efficiency in promotion management to minimize marketing expenditures and operational costs.

Business protection

Protect your business from costly fraud, technical, and regulatory risks by testing and simulating your promotional strategies.

Clear promotion message

Seamlessly orchestrate cross-channel promotional campaigns to connect with customers across the digital and physical landscape. 

What problems do we solve?

Classic problems of companies who define promotions most often in the area of slow-changing systems and the mechanics of calculating promotions in sales channels, which results in a long Time To Market for a new promotion; high implementation costs; time-consuming and complex tests and error-proneness.

We are a long-term partner that helps businesses achieve their unique goals, whatever they may be. We understand that each organization's journey is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, that is why we customize our software for you to seamlessly align with your specific needs.

Especially in the context of developing strategies and promotional mechanisms, we ensure that your ideas remain your intellectual property and you will continue to benefit from turning your concepts into competitive advantages.

essential features

Customized coupons

Dynamically generated, clear coupons with various disposal conditions, individual or publicly available

Open and modern architecture

A modern, extensible, microservice solution

POS+ eCommerce agnostic

Possibility of integration with any POS/eCommerce solution

ERP agnostic

Possibility of integration with any ERP system

Cloud agnostic

The solution not dependent on dedicated cloud solution

Ease in defining promotion

Flexibile metalanguage close to natural language, graphical configuration, AI, support

Promotion tests

A simple tool to verify the correctness of promotion utilization

Promotion simulations

Simulate the business potential of your ideas for new promotions


Solution protecting your intellectual property

BluePromo channels

The method of distributing promotions to a specific group of recipients

Experience the effortless ease of defining promotions with BluePromo

  • Use our customizable graphical configurator – ensure easy and quick configuration for your business.
  • Complex promotions are still easy to define using a proprietary metalanguage for creating promotions that imitates natural language.
  • For even greater convenience, use the AI/NLP tool to define promotions.
  • If you want to import a larger number of current promotions, use the functionality of mass import of promotion definitions from a file or external systems.
  • You can also define promotions using the built-in rules engine.