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Raiffeisen Bank International

API Management & Governance for Raiffeisen Bank International AG

RBI’s vision is to boost internal openness via APIs to enable superior customer experience, re-usability and innovation. Bluesoft together with RBI set the API governance practices, technical standards, and built API Management platform based on KONG API Gateway. BlueSoft designed APIs for key banking industry domains implemented by the Raiffeisen Bank International Group subsidiaries.

API Management & Governance for Raiffeisen Bank International AG


  • Industry: Banking and Financial services
  • Location: Raiffeisen Bank International Head Office – Vienna.
  • Technologies: KONG API Gateway (Lua), AWS, Java, python, TypeScript, JavaScript (vueJS, nodeJS, angular), Open API 3.0.X standard, REST, kubernetes.

Main benefits

  • API strategy fulfilling business objectives.
  • Decreased integration complexity and costs.
  • Human resources upskilling – understanding of API design and governance processes.
  • Set of ready-to-use reusable APIs prepared for planned group PaaS initiatives.
  • Ready-to-use infrastructure prepared for API-based internal and 3rd party partners integration.


The main challenge was to deal with the uneven level of API design expertise. Prior to the project, the dominant integration pattern was a point-to-point style which was identified as an impediment to rapid innovation. Lack of recognized API standards required defining APIs from scratch.


Bluesoft and RBI team created a standardized data model for all crucial business domains enabling group applications to use APIs implemented in Network Units. The KONG gateway runs in the AWS EKS (AWS managed Kubernetes cluster). Custom plugins have been implemented to support RBI’s specific requirements related to features such as request validation, authentication, authorization, logging, monitoring, and others.

Solution in numbers: 436 API operations in 35 domains implemented by 12 Network Units in 24 months.


We have developed a comprehensive solution design for RBI that includes the careful selection of tools to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Our API strategy has been defined and aligned with the business units, ensuring that they are fully integrated and capable of meeting the needs of RBI’s customers. We have implemented the API-led architecture design for RBI’s integration that spans the entire organization, ensuring seamless communication between all systems and processes. We consulted team’s topology design to identify areas for improvement and increase efficiency, resulting in a more streamlined and effective workflow. Our API management and governance team has been carefully arranged to ensure that all aspects of API strategy are properly managed and governed. We have chosen a flexible technology solution that matches our customers’ specific requirements and has opted to use Kong as our platform of choice.

Client’s testimonial

Tetyana Butenko

Technical Product Owner

BlueSoft is a reliable and responsible partner. During our cooperation, a team of great professionals has shown the ability to deliver complex solutions on time. Any new challenge always was accepted and tackled in the most efficient way, no matter if we are talking about simple API definitions or setting up a completely new API Gateway.