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Implementing smart API management at ING Bank Śląski with Agama API

Pursuant to the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2), banks have to provide a standardized API to enable third parties (TPP) to verify account information (AIS), available funds (CAF), and payment orders (PIS).To address the above assumptions, a solution has been implemented at ING Bank Śląski using the API Management product from BlueSoft, Agama API.

Implementing smart API management at ING Bank Śląski with Agama API


On September 14, 2019, the update of the EU PSD2 directive entered into force. It introduced significant regulations to the payment services market and the activities of banks, payment institutions, and other non-banking payment service providers.

The introduction of the necessary changes required developing appropriate operating protocols and changing the way the client operates. The integration of new solutions into the current banking structures allowed adapting the system to further development and compatibility with microservices. When introducing these changes, it was important to keep the directive’s deadlines and ensure the solution’s stability.

BlueSoft began to implement the Agama API platform at the beginning of 2019 with the implementation of the Sandbox environment available on the AWS platform. Thanks to the Sandbox environment, TPP entities could prepare their software in advance before integration with the production environment.

Main benefits

  • Adaptation of the Bank’s environment to the standards of the PSD2 directive through the implementation of standardized APIs.
  • Flexibility in implementing business requirements thanks to the use of BlueSoft solutions at the project’s core.
  • Smooth inclusion in the Bank’s processes and introduction of appropriate visualization in line with the Bank’s CI, thanks to full control over the software code.
  • Openness to changes and customizations required by the Bank, including a tailor-made hybrid architecture.


BlueSoft proposed to use a proprietary solution – Agama API, an API Management platform that enables comprehensive management of services. It offers a high level of communication security, which is extremely important for the financial services industry.

The platform is based on the Java language. This allows using a minimum variety of technologies. The solution’s modularity enables adapting it to the customer’s existing systems and optimizing the total cost of production.


The flexible Agama API solution allowed adjusting the bank’s processes to the requirements of the PSD2 directive. The modular and flexible structure of the platform made it easy to adapt the final version in line with the customer’s requirements beyond the ones described in the directive.
The use of the agile approach to project implementation resulted in smooth development work on the part of both BlueSoft and the client. The team also maintained a stable test version from the first iteration.

The cooperation between the representatives of ING Bank Śląski and the key employees of BlueSoft led to the effective implementation of tailored solutions within the set time frame. The reliability and timeliness of BlueSoft’s work led to the establishment of long-term cooperation.


Competence centers that participated in the project

  • Systems integration – Free flow of data between systems
  • Cloud solutions – From cloud infrastructure to software as a service

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