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Revenue Assurance solution for Canal+

Canal+, a leader in the premium television segment, faced challenges with revenue protection and fraud detection due to the complexity of data and the inadequacy of existing systems. In partnership with BlueSoft, Canal+ embarked on an ambitious project to implement a comprehensive Revenue Assurance solution using Power BI, aiming to enhance revenue protection, improve data accuracy, and automate processes.

Revenue Assurance solution for Canal+


CANAL+ Polska is a leading producer of television channels of the premium and thematic segments. The CANAL+ Polska Group serves more than 2.7 million customers (data as at 31 December 2020) and is the second largest pay-TV service provider in Poland, with a 20.4% share of the traditional pay-TV market.

The primary challenge was to enhance the monitoring of fee calculation processes and detect fraudulent behavior efficiently. The existing system was not equipped to handle the volume and complexity of data from multiple client production systems, resulting in delayed audit data availability and potential revenue losses.

To overcome these hurdles, Canal+ required a sophisticated analytics and visualization tool that could offer real-time insights, automate fraud detection, and streamline operational processes, highlighting the critical need for an innovative technological solution to protect and optimize revenue streams.


The solution to Canal+’s challenges was divided into the business layer, and the technical layer. This dual approach comprehensively revitalized Revenue Assurance practices.

Solution – business layer:

  • Collect data from multiple client production systems
  • Implementation of a defined set of controls based on data from multiple sources (process monitoring and fraud detection).
  • Construction of ad-hoc controls by the user
  • Implementation of alerts and notification system.
  • Building trends and calculating KPIs for individual controls.
  • Visualization of control results on the Power BI platform in the form of clear reports.

Solution – technical layer:

  • Backend based on AWS cloud solution
  • EMR Cluster to perform logic of RA controls
  • Power Apps to control parameterization
  • Power BI to present controls results


The implementation of this solution transformed the Revenue Assurance department by:

Making audit data available within hours, significantly reducing the time from the previous two weeks.

Enhancing the detection of fraudulent activities and inaccuracies in fee calculations.


Technologies used include:

  • Backend powered by AWS cloud solutions.
  • EMR Cluster for executing the logic of Revenue Assurance controls.
  • Power Apps for control parameterization.
  • Power BI for presenting control results.

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