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TimeQuest – this is how BlueSoft celebrated its 20th anniversary

TimeQuest – this is how BlueSoft celebrated its 20th anniversary

This year we celebrate the 20th birthday of our company. BlueSoft has achieved a very fast pace of business development over the past few years, and as a result, we are hiring more and more new people. The pandemic made the vast majority of our people work remotely. Working in a hybrid-remote mode has become perfectly accepted in our company, and we don’t want to change that. However, we want to make sure that people know each other, so that our community has as many opportunities for integration as possible. We faced a challenge – let’s celebrate our 20th anniversary and at the same time do something so that our colleagues have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Well… we did it! 😊 How did we do it? Online gamification – that’s the answer!

TimeQuest – it’s time to go on a time travel

We started working on this project in August. The whole concept of the game was based on the theme of time. Participants were to move to the past, stop for a moment in the present, and then run far, far into the future. We organized a competition – BlueSoft TimeQuest.

Our goal was that as many people as possible from different departments (and from different teams as well), would have a chance to get to know each other. We created a platform where was a registration – our employees had three options to choose: they could become an active participant in the game, a team leader, or an observer. The role of observers was to cast votes for the best solution for each task.

After the registration period, our drawing machine, using special algorithms, selected 12 teams of several people. The vast majority of participants did not know each other. For some, it was certainly stepping out of their comfort zone, as the tasks required cooperation and meetings. Voting was in two stages and took place on the mentioned platform. The first stage was the audience vote – anyone who had registered (both observer and participant) could cast their vote. The second stage was the vote of the jury, which was the Board of Directors of our company.

Each team had its own leader, who made sure that solutions were delivered on time and that everyone from his team had fun and cooperated in a good atmosphere.

The first task faced by the participants was a creative presentation of their group. Each of them had to come up with a name, design an avatar and present themselves in the most interesting way. Videos, presentations, and even a cartoon were created! Below are the two works that received the most votes in this task:

b.ITmals – Who is who?

The Legends of BlueSoft – Who is who?

The next task was to create a company meme that was supposed to refer to some well-known situation in the company. Participants showed great creativity. Most memes are hermetic in nature, so we won’t post them here. 😉 Here’s one (thanks, Infinity Team!) that shows how TimeQuest was received in BlueSoft (with a grain of salt, of course, it wasn’t that time-consuming, right?).

Inifnity Team Meme

The last challenge was a leap into the distant future. Teams were supposed to imagine that we have the year 2042, it is Monday morning – time to start another working day at BlueSoft. What will it look like? Once again, everyone surprised us with their creativity. Videos, stories with voice-overs and even presentations modeled on our company newsletter were created. You could laugh, although there were some teams that chose to tell stories in dark, post-apocalyptic climates. It’s interesting that many of the works referred to office work, would we ever come back here for good? 😊

In total, over 300 people took part in the game (we are talking about both participants and observers who cheered on the teams and took part in the voting). For us, this is a very satisfying result, considering that it was the first such event in BlueSoft.

We support CSR actions

The three winning teams were announced on December 8 during our annual Christmas party. TimeQuest brought a lot of emotions and some people were moved to tears when the official results were announced. Why? Prizes in TimeQuest were cash, which was to be donated to charitable causes or community service activities (CSR) chosen by the winning teams.

Who was the winner of TimeQuest?

And so – fifteen thousand zlotys from The Legends of BlueSoft team went to the Ciapkowo Shelter in Gdynia.

The Legends of BlueSoft

Donation of a prize for the Ciapkowo Shelter in Gdynia


Psst! If you want to know the rest of Częstokloc’s adventures, we invite you to watch the video below! 😉

The Legends Of BlueSoft – Let’s move to 2042

Ten thousand zlotys from the b.ITmals team were donated to the Maria Grzegorzewska Special School and Educational Center in Żyrardów. 


Five thousand zlotys were donated by the team Delta Szwadron Super Cool Komando Wilków Alfa (Who watched the movie Shrek? :D) to the Robinson Crusoe Foundation.

Delta Szwadron Super Cool Komando Wilków Alfa

To further emphasize what the aim of the whole fun was, we will organize an integration event for the three winning teams to combine offline with online and end this gamification in a hybrid way. It’ll be great! 😊 

This game showed us once again that – as our COO Dariusz Dober said – Our team at BlueSoft is made up of wonderful people who are great at having fun. With the noble goal in front of them, they soared to the top of their creativity and commitment. They sacrificed what is most precious to many of us. Time. 

We organized TimeQuest in cooperation with the creative agency Job’n’Joy.

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