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CE IoT update on the project

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CE IoT update on the project

The main goal of CE IoT is to create innovative framework to pair IoT technologies with Circular Economy principles. “The Open, Circular by design architecture where smart devices e.g. sensors, systems and components are integrated in the IoT ecosystem through patterns with proven key circularity-enabling properties (scalable connectivity, end-to-end security/privacy, dependability and interoperability) to maximize IoT resource and data harvesting in a new breed of circular-by-design IoT ecosystems.”

Bluesoft research team work on security technologies and main patterns in projects applied to IoT solutions. More specifically, together with consortium partners develop Security Privacy and Dependability requirements (SPD). The properties widely describe the newest findings that provide the highest standards of end point users privacy, threats of data leakages as well as interdependencies between them.

Determine proper SPD requirements and choice of the adequate solutions are one of the most vital parts of the project. Smart objects such as applications and enabling platforms are often exposed on security attracts. It may cause the changes in operating environment that violate the dependability and security of their parts (e.g., local sensors, network and application-level components.

Because of technical limitations of smart devices such as low computational and energy capabilities and SPD properties implemented, when single component or architecture of IoT application change, then work flow is compromised or does not behave according to its specifications. The main answer for those limitations is adoption of Circularity by Design in IoT approach. In few words it means that all the components of the system are designed to be more efficient, less energy consuming, and smartly adjust to changing conditions.

In upcoming months Bluesoft make preparations to organise the CEiOT project meeting. It will consist of latest findings in the project, as well as knowledge exchange between our consortium partners, major Greek – research institute (Tech-Think Tank-(FORTH) and ParisTec University (Ecole de Paris). Consortium is expected to make as well important decisions on platform to be implement. We will keep you updated on the latest facts.

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