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The Top 7 Tech Trends In 2023

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The Top 7 Tech Trends In 2023

Technology is omnipresent in lives, yet we still  witness its dynamic development. Users’ needs are changing as well as IT companies are eager to expand our possibilities of human-technology interaction. IT specialists are pointing out that digitalisation is yet to gain momentum. What technology trends of 2023 are going to dominate the IT field?

What’s influencing the technology trends beyond 2023?

One of the most important factor was a pandemic that forced rapid shifts not only in business and schooling, but also in a lot of other sectors, such as e-commerce. Shortly, companies faced a challenge of transferring services from offline to online, which led to vast improvement of many of them.

Key technology trends beyond 2023 – Digital, AI & IoT

Among basic technology trends of 2023, one should list Accelerated Digital Transformation, Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. It is worth mentioning that those factors affect each other – increasing relevance of digitalisation causes rapid AI development. Despite the fact that technology won’t be able to replace humans fully, it improves everyday life. 

1. Accelerated Digital Transformation

Before the pandemic, technology grew steadily, with digitalisation being developed step by step. Worldwide lockdown caused a drastic shift in working and studying circumstances. Accelerated Digital Transformation forced financial transfer – from investing in various fields unrelated to IT, into online initiatives. By 2023, digitalisation will reach $6,8 bln. According to IDC, up to 70% of organizations will speed up use of IT solutions. Long-term users’ expectations have changed along with rapid change of needs – the pandemic became an impulse to accelerate Digital Transformation and it seems it’s not going to end soon.

2. Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence

Ubiquitous artificial intelligence is really relevant among IT trends beyond 2023. According to forecasts, by 2030, we may see investments up to $15,7 bln. Public institutions, private companies and ordinary people have already been using AI for quite some time. AI processes data, recognises face or speech, and helps out with grocery shopping, exercising or even performing medical procedures. Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence influences other future trends beyond 2023, too.

3. The Internet of things

The Internet of things is an extensive system of electronic devices that automatically communicates and exchanges various information and data through the web. Every year, the number of IoT devices used by a single person increases. It is estimated that by 2030, each person will be using up to 20 IoT devices.

What is the Internet of Things? Examples

The best example of what IoT is, are smart homes. Internet of Things is also present in other aspects of life such as:

  • smart watches & smart bands,
  • cleaning robots, fridges,
  • medical equipment,
  • water distribution,
  • urban safety monitoring.

Business – Internet of Things companies

What are Internet of Things companies most likely to develop? Mostly applications and devices, that will take care of the safety of its users – IoT entails risk of data leakage, break-ins and identity thefts. In most of the cases, it is up to the users to ensure they are safe. Companies that tackle these aspects are likely to gain market advantage. It applies to both devices and technology producers.

Other Tech Trends In 2023

What is also relevant among future trends 2023? Alternatives to cloud computing, Augmented Reality, chatbots and 5G are more and more remarkable and worth considering. 

4. Alternatives to cloud computing – edge & fog computing

Alternatives to cloud computing are appearing one by one. They make data processing easier and faster. The most popular two are:

  • edge computing – data is being processed closer to the request
  • fog computing –  big data management

5. 5G network – speed and technology development

The 5G network provides fast data transfer, essential to the newest technologies and IoT.

6. Augmented Reality – virtual world in our lives

Nowadays, Augmented Reality (AR) is not only present in entertainment. It is also being used by the army, aviation forces and in medical procedures.

7. Chatbots – customer service support

Chatbots that are based on advanced AI are more and more popular and relevant these days. They are being commonly used to improve communication with clients.


Technology trends of 2022/2023 are above all: great importance of AI and AI-based solutions. While planning future organization’s activities, it is important not to forget about both automation and safety.

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