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Are you ready to skyrocket the growth of your business with LLM leverage? If so, the burning question is: “How?” Luckily, we’ve cracked the code and we’re here to share the recipe.

A paradigm shift is underway, reshaping the very foundation of business models. Large Language Models (LLMs), a class of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, have risen rapidly, and their impact is undeniable.

The LLM revolution

Not too long ago, LLMs were confined to a narrow niche and used by specialized teams who were well-versed in their complexities. But today, that landscape has dramatically transformed. The explosive growth of LLMs is best exemplified by Chat-GPT, an LLM developed by OpenAI, which reached an astounding 100 million users just two months after its launch.

Compare this to how long it took other popular online platforms to reach the same number of users, and it’s understandable why the LLM revolution is generating both excitement and concern in the business world:

Chat-GPT sprints to 100 million users

In the midst of all the AI buzz, there is one key message that BlueSoft wants to emphasise: to unleash the full potential of this technology, you must democratize the use of LLMs throughout your entire organization.

Why is it crucial to democratise LLMs in your company?

LLMs are certain to be a disruptor no matter what. The statistics speak for themselves – any company that fails to harness the power of AI will be left behind.

Given the ever-evolving state of the current market, you have most likely been focusing on making your company more agile and adaptable to industry changes. Embracing LLMs presents a unique litmus test for your organisation’s agility and adaptability.

To expand on the importance of democratising the use of LLMs, let’s draw a parallel to the adoption of cloud computing. Some companies were slow to react, resulting in teams independently adopting cloud solutions to meet their needs. While this brought short-term benefits, it also led to governance challenges and the subsequent need to invest time and resources into correcting the resulting issues. Avoiding a similar scenario with LLMs is of paramount importance.

Additionally, the applications of LLMs are infinite, and if democratised, everyone will bring their own use case. For example:

  1. Recruiting: LLMs can be used to screen resumes, write job descriptions, schedule interviews, answer candidate queries and simulate interviews.
  2. Internal processes: Companies can automate the creation of reports and draft responses or summaries.
  3. Customer service: LLMs can provide automated customer service through chatbots and virtual assistants. They can also provide real-time information to live agents for smooth issue resolution.
  4. Ultrasonic speed in prototyping: The pace at which ideas can be tested and refined will be revolutionized through the usage of LLMs.
  5. Coding: AI-powered code assistants can offer intelligent guidance and error detection, which will help developers code faster and with fewer errors.

This is just a glimpse of the enormous potential AI and LLMs have to transform your business.

At BlueSoft, we’ve wasted no time in exploring LLMs. For instance, our business unit director Michał Zaczek – who hadn’t written a single line of code in twenty-five years – was able to rekindle his coding prowess, developing prototypes of solutions that we use both internally and with our closest customers.

In another example, we held a company-wide hackathon, bringing technical and non-technical people together and tasking them with a unique challenge: build a computer game without writing a single line of code. Armed with AI tools to do the coding for them, the outcome was impressive – by the end of the day, everyone had successfully created their own game.

By leveraging LLMs, your employees can enhance efficiency, expand their skill sets, and become truly T-shaped. AI tools empower individuals to contribute in diverse areas, creating a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Addressing concerns and challenges in LLM implementation

Understanding the impact and significance of making these tools accessible from the get-go gives rise to several questions. How do you ensure this process is carried out safely and efficiently?

The first step involves thoroughly assessing and clearly defining your concerns and challenges. For example:

  • Do you need to establish a dedicated team with an AI director to oversee LLM operations or can you assign the ownership to your existing team?
  • For what specific purposes can LLMs be utilized, and how do you incorporate them into your workflow?
  • How do you ensure the privacy and security of sensitive data?
  • How can you measure the ROI of LLM implementation in your organization?

A well-defined implementation process will help you navigate the complexities and address many of your key concerns. At BlueSoft, we’ve developed an approach to guide businesses through this journey and address all the above-mentioned concerns: the LLM Accelerator.

BlueSoft LLM Accelerator

The LLM Accelerator

The LLM Accelerator is a framework that provides clear guidelines and actionable steps that ensure a smooth and successful integration of AI technology. This process has three parts: inspiration, analysis, and prototyping.


Our framework starts with inspiration workshops led by a consultant who lives and breathes AI and LLMs. Our consultant is focused on LLMs from a business point of view – how can we best implement this technology to give your customers and clients value?

During this phase, we focus on a sub-set of employees chosen to represent your company, inspiring them to generate a multitude of ideas. Beyond idea generation, these workshops also help you identify ambassadors who will drive and promote the use of AI throughout your organization.


Once we have gathered a pool of ideas from the inspiration workshops, we conduct an analysis, starting by interviewing key individuals in your organization.

At this stage, we bring in a team of consultants who are experts in the technical implementation of LLMs in companies. They have the expertise to effectively identify the initiatives which are feasible for development using an effort vs impact analysis.

When selecting ideas to develop prototypes, there are some considerations to follow:

  • Utilizing non-production data that is not subject to GDPR regulations.
  • Employing safe, encapsulated server environments that are disconnected from the internet.
  • Using timeboxing to promote productivity and maintain focus.

When we have found viable ideas, we establish KPIs that will serve as benchmarks for validating the prototypes’ success.

Creating and testing prototypes

During prototyping, we run three separate streams:

  1. Prototyping stream: With a mixed team, we run a prototyping stream in order to develop a minimum viable product of the most feasible idea.
  2. Compliance stream: Meanwhile, another stream assesses the compliance of all the ideas that have been chosen for implementation. This allows you to create a backlog of truly feasible products/services.
  3. LLMOps and governance stream: This stream focuses on the operational management and responsible use of LLMs, mitigating any potential risks.

Lastly, a demonstration of the prototype – observing the previously identified KPIs – will serve as the decisive factor in determining its success. If it isn’t successful, we can quickly pivot to the next idea in the backlog we created during the idea generation and analysis phases.

Why choose BlueSoft to help you harness the power of LLMs?

BlueSoft offers this vetted approach backed by our own experience and commitment to practicing what we preach. We have successfully navigated the process, addressed our concerns, and now offer several use cases that we are actively implementing internally as well as with our valued “friends and family” customers. For example:

  1. Internal operations: We built a prototype for our internal knowledge base with an LLM chatbot specifically designed to assist with corporate processes. This streamlines access to company knowledge, enhancing productivity and fostering a culture of information sharing.
  2. Customer interaction and support: We developed a Netflix-like app for podcasts and audiobooks with features to analyze speech for prohibited content and a chat interface for listeners to ask questions, creating a more engaging and safe user experience.
  3. Data analysis: We assisted one of the largest lifestyle retailers in classifying communications across their channels using LLMs, making their communication processes smoother and more efficient.

These examples only scratch the surface – if you’d like more details or demos, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If you choose to partner with us, you can expect the following key benefits:

  • Accelerated LLM adoption: Our expertise and guidance help you avoid unnecessary internal company politics and bridge the gap of LLM adoption quickly and efficiently.
  • Expertise at every step: We have assembled a team of professionals who specialize in each phase of the process, so you’ll know you have the right people guiding you at every step.
  • We deliver results – not reports: Our approach is hands-on and focused on delivering tangible outcomes that help you see a real and measurable impact.

®Introducing our trailblazing leaders in LLM acceleration

We are proud to have a team of exceptional leaders who are at the vanguard of LLM transformation. These individuals bring a wealth of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and a passion for innovation. They are:

The future of business is evolving at an unprecedented pace. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to start thinking about how you can adopt these technologies into your business today.

We’re here to support and guide you through the journey of LLM adoption. There are no obligations to adopt our approach; forming a community and exchanging our experiences, best practices, and concerns are of utmost importance now. We want to help you succeed, and we wholeheartedly believe that LLMs are the key to future success.

If you’re ready to embark on this journey with us, here are a few actionable steps you can take today:

  • Explore our website to learn more about our services.
  • Reach out to us to share your concerns, experiences, and challenges with LLM adoption.
  • Schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

Let’s join forces and embrace the LLM revolution together!

Shirley Werchota was a consulting expert for the article.

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