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How to become a successful Java Developer

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How to become a successful Java Developer

Java is one of the most popular and valued programming languages. Its versatility lets developers create highly customized desktop, web and mobile apps. Here are a few tips on how to become a successful Java developer.

Why choose a career as a Java developer?

Java programming language is successfully used in almost every tech company. It is mostly due to its simplicity, reliability, and environmental interoperability. Using Java, you can create on demand applications which gives the users flexibility to adapt them to their needs. Furthermore, once code is written by a developer, you can use it on various operating systems. The dynamic development of the IT field and high demand on the job market make the career of java developer incredibly popular and rewarding.

Java developer career path – from junior to specialist

Before starting off with how to become an expert in Java, you should think about the Java developer career path. Obviously, there are a few stages you need to get through to become a specialist. First off, it is worth challenging your skills by applying for an internship. The next step is a vacancy of a Junior Java Developer, that will allow you to get into the world of programming. Experience, that you will gain while taking part in more advanced projects, will allow you to get promoted to a Specialist position.

The most important skills required for java developer

How to become a good java developer? Most of all, it’s crucial to have the basic technical knowledge and to know your programming language well. Over time, it would be a plus if you’d learn about:

  • various versions and functionalities of Java
  • commonly used frameworks

The technical part isn’t everything: it is essential to have soft skills required for Java developer, such as: comprehensibility, ability to work in a team, flexibility and self-reliance.

How to become a java developer step by step

A Java programmer is required to have a sharp mind and vast knowledge of the programming language. There are important additional skills to reach your full potential. Here is a practical guideline to sure success.

How to become a good java developer? Learn Core Java SE & Java EE

At the beginning, you should quickly master Core Java SE and basic commands. It is also important that they shouldn’t be just learned by heart, but understood, so that you can use them while coding. Apart from that, there are also APIs to be learned (for example java.lang,, java.math) and OOP concepts. Java SE is not the end though – you should also master Java EE (Advanced Java), which allows you to create websites.

Patience and practice – requirements to become a Java developer

Patience and ongoing practice are relevant requirements to becoming a Java developer. You can’t get to know Core Java without coding countless projects, making mistakes and searching for new solutions. The more you code, the better you get! Java EE, is worth using with Front End technologies, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript. Do you wanna go a step further? Learn how to create projects in Servlet and JSP.

Constant development – the answer to how to become an expert in Java

The Java developer career path is connected to the need for constant personal development. The fact that technology grows so fast, forces programmers to constantly learn new skills and develop more soft skills. It’s easier with knowledge of the most common frameworks:

  • Spring – web apps creation
  • Hibernate – Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

If you learn how to code with them, you’ll be a good catch for every company!

Become a Java Developer in BlueSoft

We try to make the recruitment process as short as possible. It begins with an interview. Our recruiter compares yours and ours expectations on the job. We also verify your competencies match with the open role.

During the interview, you can learn more about the project, its technologies, and the team. You will also learn about the challenges that await you. There is a substantive verification in the form of a test for some positions. During the meeting, there is an expert responsible for substantive verification.

After the first meeting, we can decide to offer cooperation in many cases. We will keep you posted about your recruitment status. We try to contact candidates not later than seven days after sending the application. If you are open for new Java Developer job offers, do not hesitate to visit :


Career of a Java developer is demanding, but also gratifying. Every talented person, who has skills required for Java development can succeed. Every piece of code that you have written and project you have completed is a new addition to your skillset. Overall, the most important aspects are still: patience, practice and learning new technologies that boost your competencies.

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