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SAG Suite

SAG Suite

Software AG’s solutions address business process management in accordance with the Model-to-Execute approach, whose features allow to work from business process modelling to implementation.

Support for the entire “manufacturing cycle” has been achieved by supporting many ARIS and webMethods tools at particular stages of a process life cycle:

  • Design Such products as ARIS Connect Designer, ARIS Designer or ARIS Architect offer a wide selection of tools for graphic process representation, which allow designers to focus on high-level process modelling without delving into technicalities.
  • Implementation A designed and modelled process is handed over to the Software AG Designer tool, so as to implement particular process elements, such as: human steps with an appropriate user GUI, handling a variety of API or applying business rules. Selected mechanisms from process elements may be implemented using such products as Blaze Rules Development, CentraSite and Task Engine.
  • Deployment The platforms responsible for deploying and launching a process are Integration Server, Universal Messaging and My webMethods Server, which are used depending on the constituent elements of the entire business process.
  • Monitoring and administration A launched process model may have many different instances, which is why what has to be differentiated is: administrative activities (related to the process model, e.g. version management) and monitoring activities (related to process instances, e.g. KPI measurement). The main tools to ensure the two aspects mentioned above are Monitor, Task Engine and Mobile Monitor.

An additional dimension of business process management supported by the Software AG package is Mobile Suite, which enables expanding business process integration by adding mobile platform support. Mobile Suite fully supports the requirements and life cycle of applications compatible with Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), starting with design and implementation, all the way through secure integration and management. Mobile Suite includes such products as: Software AG Designer, Mobile Designer, Mobile Support and Mobile Administrator.

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